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Power for Life or Power for Death? How and Why Science and Religion Can Work Together for Life After the Holocaust

President, Jewish Life Network/Steinhardt Foundation

Rabbi Greenberg—rabbi, scholar and former Chairman of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum—tells us why each one of these failures could recur. The infrastructure that sustained the Holocaust remains with us today: technology, bureaucracy, ideology, the ethos of science and scientism, universalism, the authority and credibility of modernism, and the unification of society or gleichschaltung.

Rabbi Greenberg encourages us to promulgate pluralism—a principled commitment to absolute values, matched by an affirmation of the limits of that absolute—as the most powerful antidote to a recurrence of another Holocaust. He encourages pluralism in many spheres, including:

  • Political

  • Ideology

  • Cultural

  • Moral

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