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Dachau, Hubertus, Strughold, and NASA

NASA is an organization that has been notorious for holding a lot of community and media attention. Space sciences in general seem to draw a lot of interest, especially aspects that are unknown to the vast majority of the public. This has led to a high level of curiosity.

Hearing about this subject from someone who has actually been involved in NASA is something special. Neil Pellis, past leader of the Biotechnology Cell Science Program at NASA, discusses this subject from his perspective and experience. He even addresses audience questions at the end of his lecture.

Pellis specifically discusses Dachau, Hubertus Strughold, and NASA. In all of these topics of discussion, he discusses the moral and ethical side of research and experimentation. This opens us up to questions about ethical practices in past science and science today.

  • Ethics is a very serious and relevant topic in aerospace medicine and space sciences.

  • Dachau, Hubertus Strughold, and NASA are three areas in particular that should get a lot of attention.

  • While some questioning of ethical practices is addressed, some seem to be forgotten.

Overview of Medicine and the Ethical Violation During National Socialism
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