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Medical Ethics After the Holocaust

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Dr. Ashley K. Fernandes, MD, PhD, is the Assoc. Director at the Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities, Assoc. Prof. of Pediatrics at the Ohio State University College of Medicine, and an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

In this proposal for 4th year competency, Dr. Fernandes covers topics such as the Philosophy of Medicine, the Philosophy of Science: Eugenics & the Objectivity of Science, Research Ethics: Learning from Nazi, Japanese, and Soviet Research Abuse, and Anti-Semitism and The Final Solution, amongst others.

The proposal recommends the following as a service project: “Clinical/Service Experience with Vulnerable Population (40 hrs., minimum): Student must set up their own clinical or service experience with an “historically vulnerable population” (targeted in the Holocaust).”


1. Philosophy of Medicine: Why An Oath? Why the Holocaust? Philosophy of Science: Eugenics & the Objectivity of Science Medical Education in Wartime: Belsinitis & Pernkopf’s Atlas Research Ethics: Learning from Nazi, Japanese, and Soviet Research Abuse Anti-Semitism: Persons as “Others” in Medicine Children & the Disabled: Euthanasia, pediatric, & disability ethics The Final Solution: Philosophical Anthropologies & the Impact on Medicine Christians, Conscience, & Cooperation: Moral Principles of Cooperation & Responsibility Theodicy: Medicine & Spirituality Nuremberg & the Liberation: Can we change medicine? Aftermath: Lessons Learned

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