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The “Medicalization” of Murder: The “Euthanasia” Programs Part I: The Children’s Euthanasia Program Part II: Adult Euthanasia: The T-4 Killing Program Part III: “Wild” Euthanasia

Posted by Susan Benedict, CRNA, PhD, FAAN on April 20, 2016

1. To identify the major historical factors leading to the children’s euthanasia program
2. To describe the major beliefs of the German people and the German culture consistent
with the development of the children’s euthanasia program
3. To specifically appraise the roles of physicians and nurses in these killings
4. To analyze the connections between the killing of disabled children and the application
of racial hygiene policy
5. To identify your feelings and thoughts about the value of the individual and society’s
responsibility to protect vulnerable groups
6. To discuss the relevancy of this module to contemporary practice

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