Student Perspectives

The Making of a Modern Frankenstein by Medical Student Monika Pyarali

Posted by Sheldon Rubenfeld on December 26, 2016

In his quest for a master race, Hitler has been compared to Mary Shelley’s creation Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Inspired by eugenics and empowered by the rediscovery of Mendel’s genetic work with peas, Hitler’s scientists attempted to rid Germany of presumed inferior genes and promote procreation among those with superior genes. We now know that genetics in the first few decades of the twentieth century was imprecise and many of the eugenic assumptions about improving a nation’s gene pool were both naive and unethical. The Human Genome Project has renewed interest in biological determinism and eugenics, and scientific advances have created possibilities that could only be dreamed of before, such as a head transplant. Reflecting upon her undergraduate research with severed axons and the recruitment of a volunteer for a head transplant by Dr. Sergio Canavero, Monika Pyarali asks, “Where should we draw the line?”

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