Max Planck Institute Desires to Take Moral Responsibility for Its Unethical Research

After more than 70 years the Max Planck Institute, known as the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute during the Third Reich, appears willing to take responsibility for its unethical human subjects research by opening its archives to four independent researchers for the next three years.


Restoration of the ‘Lost’ Biography of a Physician Victim of the Holocaust


CMATH Champions Sabine Hildebrandt, Anna Von Villiez, and William Seidelman recently published an article about the posthumous testimony for Dr. Leo Gross and his family. The restored biography of
Dr. Leo Gross presents an exemplary case study for the future of Holocaust testimony.


Germany Grapples with Its African Genocide

Tens of thousands of Namibians were killed in what historians call the 20th century’s first genocide, and Germany is finally close to recognizing it as such.


Eugenics: Science as Morality by Medical Student Zane Foster

While enrolled in Healing by Killing: Medicine During the Third Reich, Zane Foster reflected upon eugenics in the early twentieth century and today, asking, "Why was it accepted then, yet so abhorrent now? I seriously questioned this myself throughout this term of medical school. I decided it came down to a combination of two major factors: the culture of science and the culture of the times."


The Making of a Modern Frankenstein by Medical Student Monika Pyarali

While Monika Pyarali was enrolled in Healing by Killing: Medicine During the Third Reich, she reflected upon Nazi medical experiments, her undergraduate neuroscience research, and a 2015 proposal for a head transplant.


Euthanasia, abortion, & the death penalty by medical student Jessica Tran

After learning about the Nazi "euthanasia" programs in my Healing by Killing: Medicine During the Third Reich elective, this medical student "began to see links between what was considered medicine in the Third Reich period and our current ideas and acceptance of abortion and the death penalty."