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Students Visiting Holocaust-Related Sites

Posted by Sheldon Rubenfeld MD on May 30, 2016

Education about medicine and the Holocaust is vital for future doctors but very few medical schools offer lectures or study trips in their curricula.

Husband and wife Dr. Esteban González-López and Rosa Rios-Cortés are among the most experienced teachers of medicine and the Holocaust in the world. Not only do they teach “The Holocaust, a Reflection from Medicine” at the Autonoma University of Madrid, Spain but they include in their curriculum a study trip  to killing centers and sites where medical experiments were conducted, such as Auschwitz .

They just published an important paper, Visiting Holocaust-Related Sites with Medical Students as an Aid in Teaching Medical Ethics, in the Israel Medical Association Journal. By studying medicine during Nazi Germany, students learn a great deal about contemporary medical ethics and healthcare policy. I encourage you to read the attached article and, if at all possible, include visits to Holocaust-related sites in Europe in your own curricula.

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