Student Perspectives

Euthanasia, abortion, & the death penalty by medical student Jessica Tran

Posted by Sheldon Rubenfeld on December 25, 2016

The content of the Healing by Killing: Medicine During the Third Reich elective is very stimulating for the first- and second-year students at Baylor College of Medicine. As part of the requirements for the course, they must write about a topic of their choosing that is stimulated by the history of medicine during the Third Reich and of American eugenics. Jessica Tran was troubled by the justifications offered by Nazi physicians for the euthanasia programs and chose to write about abortion and the death penalty in the United States. Noting how difficult it is to judge one’s own culture and practices, she asks herself, “In 60 years, will my grandchildren look back on my generation with shock because of the current accepted ideas of abortion and the death penalty?”

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